Surveying Services We Offer

Whether you need construction surveying or a detail survey for house plans, we have the right type of survey for you, your builder, your certifier or design team. Discover more about how we can help you accurately and professionally survey your property and project.

Detail / Contour Surveys

This is our most popular residential survey for homeowners and architects / building designers who need to finalise house plans. This survey is based on the Australian Height Datum and includes spot levels, contours, and vital information on your property. We locate your house, nearby buildings, major trees, retaining walls, and visible services, while also providing a handy benchmark on-site. 


This also includes accurate boundary overlays and BCC Contours from 2002. 

Site Setout Surveys

A site setout survey is a crucial step in the construction process where we accurately mark the position and layout of your proposed building, structure, or infrastructure on the ground. 

Popular with builders, the setout is based on the approved design or architectural and engineering plans and ensures that the construction is carried out in the correct location, orientation, and elevation.

*Please note, boundary surveys are not currently offered by Survey My Block, however we recommend consulting a cadastral surveyor for this service, which can be found the Surveyors Board of Queensland website.

Engineering Surveys

We offer detail surveys for water, drainage, sewer networks, roads, telecommunications, civil, and bulk earthworks. Our services include a 3D digital terrain model and a hardcopy plan illustrating site features, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your project across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Certification Surveys – Form 12s

This survey is often required for builders who need a building location or height certificate (Form 12). This survey will let the certifier know that the house construction works have been built in accordance with approved plans and can therefore be certified.

*Please note, Survey My Block cannot provide certifications relating to most boundary clearances, however we recommend consulting a cadastral surveyor for these services, which can be found the Surveyors Board of Queensland website.

Flood Level Height & Resilient Homes Fund Surveys

Contours, spot levels, or TBM are created to identify flood-affected land, with levels measured to the Australian Height Datum (AHD). These help determine the minimum floor level required for a house raise or RHF lift, ensuring safety and compliance.

Land / Level Surveys

A level survey, also known as a topographic survey or land survey, is where we provide a detailed examination and mapping of the physical features, contours, and elevations of your land. We provide important information about the natural and man-made features on your property, such as your home, trees, retaining walls, and utilities.

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