Site, Detail and Contour Surveys across Ipswich and greater West Brisbane

We are eperienced surveyors who work closely with homeowners, builders, designers and engineers throughout the Ipswich City Council areas.

We leverage cutting-edge surveying technology and equipment to guarantee the utmost accuracy and precision in all our surveys. Moreover, we consistently stay abreast of the latest industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your project is executed in full compliance with all relevant requirements. You can trust Survey My Block to deliver professional and reliable survey results tailored to your needs.
Our site, contour and detail surveys can identify title-related issues and rights, highlight concerns and enable us to offerthe right advice on potential issues regarding your property in the Ipswich or greater West Brisbane areas.
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Step 1 – Call or email our friendly team to discuss your project.

Step 2 – We run the required checks & email you a free quote. 

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Step 3 – Book in your survey in Ipswich and we’ll arrange a visit

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Survey My Block - "The trusted name in surveying".