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How Much Do Surveys Cost?

If you are starting a new building or renovation project in Brisbane there’s a crucial step you shouldn’t overlook – getting a land or site survey created. Naturally your next question is – how much will a site survey cost?


For the majority of residential properties in Brisbane, fortunately, you’re looking at the lower spectrum of this range. Land surveys can be as varied as the properties they measure, each with its own price tag. We will aim to give you a general price range below, however its wise to note the costs are swayed by several factors, from the location and size of your property or project to its complexity and the survey’s specific purpose. Local market conditions, accessibility, and the terrain itself – think thick vegetation or intricate fencing – also play a part.

Moreover, certain surveys necessitate legal outlays for accessing public or government data, adding to your total cost. These are often expenses beyond the surveyor’s control but essential for a thorough assessment.

A Closer Look at Survey Types and Pricing

Site Surveys / Contour and Detail Surveys:

If you have ever wanted a bird’s-eye view of your property then a site survey, or contour survey will do just this. We maps out both natural and man-made features which gives you a comprehensive overview. This survey type is our most requested type of survey from homeowners and for builders which is crucial for planning any construction or landscaping work, ensuring everything fits just right.

Our site surveys typically start from $1600 and often average around the $1800 mark. Occasionally for much larger and more complex properties, a quote may end up being closer to $3000 for the time spent and equipment required to provide an accurate site survey.

This price range can also be applied to the following survey types.

Construction Surveys:

For those of you about to build, a construction survey is your blueprint for success. It lays the groundwork for your project, marking out exactly where everything should go. It’s like giving your builders a guided map, ensuring they build precisely where they’re supposed to.

As-Built/As-Constructed Surveys:

Post-construction, an as-built survey takes stock of what’s been built, providing a record that’s often required by councils or utility providers. It’s the final piece of the puzzle, confirming that the finished product matches the plans.

Boundary Surveys: 

A boundary survey does exactly what it says on the tin – it defines the exact edges of your property. This process involves digging through records and documents, some as old as your great-grandparents, and physical fieldwork to mark or remark boundary lines. As Registered Surveyors, Survey My Block are not able to conduct Cadastral or Identification Surveys, however we do recommend local surveying companies which we know and trust who can quote this type of work for you. Most cadatstral boundary surveys tend to start from $2200 and sometimes may exceed $4000.

Registered Plans

When it’s time to officially define your land, a registered plan survey comes into play. This survey is all about precision, adhering to strict government and professional standards to ensure your property is mapped accurately for legal and planning purposes.

So, how much does a survey cost?


It’s a bit like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” The answer varies. But don’t let that uncertainty deter you. All of our quotes are tailored to your specific properties needs. Whether you’re diving into a full-scale project or just need some friendly advice, we’re happyto guide you through the range of surveying costs and we can break these down in a transparent way.

For instance, all of our detailed quotes discuss the type of survey your property requires which may include height requirements, topography, locations of buildings, structures, services and trees etc, property access, level benchmarks, LGA contours, lot boundaries, natural ground levels and much more.

At Survey My Block, we are more than happy to provide you with a free survey quote and discuss your project at length. We work with a range of builders, engineers, certifiers, homeowners and building design companies across Brisbane who put their faith in our surveys.

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